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Wood common name: Douglas Fir

Wood species: Pinaceae (not a true fir)

Age: 50-200 years +

Brief historical information: Primarily a western US Species. Douglas Fir, due to its structural qualities, has been used extensively in the manufacture of timbers for framing, and in building and mining. It also nails well and can found in interior joinery for doors, flooring, and mouldings.

Heartwood content:

Grain pattern: Both quarter and flat sawn.

Knot content: Can be graded for both clear and knotty grades.

Growth rings: Six to twenty or more per inch.

Color: Reddish brown shades in heartwood to near white sapwood layer.

Nail holes: Can possess, depending upon original use, nail and/or bolt holes. Frequency will range from occasional to heavy.

Widths available: 3" - 18"+

Other characteristics: Wide plank flooring is readlity available and less costly than most other reclaimed wood species.

Comments: The wood is relatively soft and care must be taken to protect the finish.


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