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Certification Standards for consumer protection

With so many new reclaimed wood manufacturers entering the market with different products, it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to comparison shop. The purpose of the Reclaimed Wood Council (RWC) is to give consumers information that will enable them to make educated buying decisions when purchasing reclaimed woods.

When you see the Reclaimed Wood Council “certified” stamp you can be assured the manufacturer has met the RWC high standards of quality and all guidelines as established in the Reclaimed Wood Council Certification Standards.

What the “certified” stamp means

When you see the RWC certified stamp, you know the following standards are adhered to by the member manufacturer.


  • Sources of wood will be verified, documented and provided to customer.
  • Wood will not come from standing trees.
  • Wood will be reclaimed with minimal environmental impact.
  • Woods will be reclaimed legally, with all necessary documentation in place.


  • Wood will meet standards that apply to grading, kiln drying, heart content, hardness, age and color as set forth for each specific wood product. See “Woods” for this detailed standards.
  • Manufacturer will agree to inspection at any time by a certified RWC agent.
  • Worker safety conditions and training will meet highest standards.

Marketing and Public Information

  • Manufacturer will deliver a product that conforms to explicit descriptions in marketing materials, websites, and quotations or estimates. No substitutions are made without agreement by the customer in writing
  • All marketing materials and websites will be kept current with specific product details.

RWC Membership

  • Manufacturer agrees to unannounced, on-site audits by a RWC certifying agent.
  • Manufacturer is current on dues and completes annual certification documentation.
  • Manufacturer will continue to support national efforts to educate and protect consumers about how to purchase high quality reclaimed wood products.


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